Client: Singletrack Advocates (STA)
Project: create a map to connect STA’s expanded Hillside system
Industry: Outdoor Recreation
Services: Map design, donor panels
Highlights: Slope orientation, seasonal/directional key, color and number-coded to serve riders with color vision deficiency
Hillside Singletrack map
Singletrack Advocates is a non-profit mountain bike organization in Anchorage, Alaska. They have built 35+ miles of singletrack mountain bike trails in the Anchorage Bowl. In 2022, STA completed the Hemlock Burn Trail, which traverses six miles through Chugach State Park. In 2023, we started the process of creating a trailside map that connects the established state park trails with STA's hillside network. 
The project includes an overview map, as well as a second map blown up to show the inset of STA's original Hillside network and connection points to surrounding systems. 
A few features included in this design is a double code system—by color to show distinct trails, but also by number for users with color vision deficiency.
The numbered key provides a clearly established location for seasonal and directional notes and trail ratings. 
A. Since the trails are located on the mountainside, it's common to orient by "uphill/downhill" rather than North/South. Similar to downhill ski maps, the map is slope-oriented (map is rotated so the slope is from top to bottom.) B. The map references common landmarks used by Alaskans to tell directions. C. The new map also includes varied widths to indicate trail popularity based on summer riding heat maps. 

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