Client: Alaska Pacific University (APU)
Project: Jim Mahaffey Trail System map and kiosk
Industry: Outdoor Recreation
Services: Kiosk layout, map design, print collateral 
Highlights: The project combines several legacy maps into one cohesive map. The design is centered around distinguishing a trail's primary use, and orienting users by way of major city landmarks.
The project combined legacy maps with ski, multiuse, bike, and social trails into one cohesive map. Like many trails in Alaska, there are seasonal considerations and trails that are primarily built for specific user groups.
Above: Legacy maps used by different user groups provided the foundation for the map, along with heat maps that showed user traffic density, especially for unmarked social trails.
The APU trail system was recently dedicated to Jim Mahaffey, a longtime ski coach and community shaper in Anchorage. Along with the map are panels to welcome users, acknowledge Dena'ina land, introduce Jim Mahaffey and his contributions, and provide rules and guidelines for using the trails respectfully.
Our objective was to make the map cohesive with the existing APU brand standards, using the established color palette and typefaces provided. A. Alaska Pacific University's established color palette and sample of type pairings. B. The kiosk panels and map were also modified to be used as a printed map for students. C. Examples of the map being used on APU's website.

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