Client: Chugach Mountain Bike Riders (CMBR)
Project: Logo refresh
Industry: Outdoor Recreation, Non-Profit
Services: Logo design, branding
Highlights: The CMBR logo is known statewide as the distinguishing mark of a lead entity in our MTB community. Through the consistent use of signage, digital media, and print material, the logo has become a highly recognizable emblem. This refresh keeps the core of CMBR’s identity while providing additional versatility for the different spaces CMBR has grown into. 
Colors: A slightly lighter green and blue provide increased contrast with the black border as well as white stars and mountain outline. 

Artwork: The artwork retains brand equity through use of color and iconic Bear Mountain. The simplified shapes and use of solid colors provide additional branding opportunities, such as vinyl cuts, patches and pins.  
Chainring border: The chainring provides a clearly identifiable shape that holds detail at small sizes.

Typography: The updated typography provides CMBR with a clean, professional wordmark that is legible and scalable in both print and digital spaces. The custom letterforms use soft corners and a mix of upper and lowercase to balance professionalism with playfulness and approachability. The stacked wordmark also provides subtle visual reinforcement of CMBR’s name and acronym.
The simplified icon artwork and wordmark configurations allow for higher contrast on dark and light backgrounds.  A. Primary logo, full color  B. Primary logo reverse, three-color  C. Primary logo reverse, 1-color  D. Primary logo, 1-color
Scalable logo configurations allow the logo to be legible at small sizes.
Individual elements open all sorts of fun doors for creative use! Icon and pull-out wordmarksprovide more versatility formerch and companion programs, and standalone icon for social media. 

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