Client: Anchorage Parks & Recreation
Partners: Earthscape, Alaska Reflexology Association
Project: Wellness park signage
Industry: Outdoor Recreation, Non-Profit
Services: Park identity development, on-site consultation, kiosk design, interpretive panel design, copy editing, production setup/packaging, press check
Highlights: The Folker Wellness Park is designed as an "intergenerational" health and healing park that is ADA-accessible and focuses on welcoming a diverse community and inclusivity. The park features a meditation path, outdoor fitness equipment, walking paths, and a music station.

The park also features a Reflexology walk built by Alaska Reflexology Associates to complement the park's theme and goals.  
A. Anchorage Parks & Recreation's original concept for the park   B. Concept execution, with fitness, meditation and music station pictured.
Anchorage Parks & Recreation needed a kiosk to welcome users, give acknowledgement to the Dena'ina land it is built on, and explain the focus of each area. 
Each area has an interpretive panel to give more information on the holistic wellness benefits of the activity. Panels feature bright and welcoming artwork conceptualized by artist Kieran Lavtar.
The Folker Wellness Park and Reflexology Walk kept continuity in design by using shared type treatment and complementary color palettes. The park's color scheme was inspired by the park's flora, that would contrast with green space without seeming out of place. 
A. Alaska Reflexology Associates' welcome kiosk utilizes background textures from their artwork. B. Individual interpretive panels are placed around the reflexology walk to explain specific pressure points for different body systems. C. The interpretive signs separate out body systems with high-contrast imagery.

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