Region: Far North Bicentennial Park, Anchorage, Alaska
Print specs: 18"x24" archival giclee print 

Uniquely Anchorage winter trails of Far North Bicentennial Park

This project was born from a me and a group of friends getting lost in an area of the park known as "North Bivy." While you're never more than 3 miles away from civilization at any given point, this area has a reputation for getting people lost. This is largely due to the similarity of terrain, no official signage, and much like the staircases in Harry Potter, the trails themselves are always moving. 

The map combines different winter trail areas as color-coded trail areas used by singletrack users to navigate. 

Far left: Trailforks winter social trails, Top right: BLM trails, Bottom right: Singletrack Advocates Hillside trails

Making of FNBP Winter Trails

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